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Buy Rite Beauty Supply

The industry in which Buy-Rite Beauty Texas Showroom operates is barber supply store. The country where Buy-Rite Beauty Texas Showroom is located is United States, while the company's headquarters is in Addison.

buy rite beauty supply

Military discount is a special gift to pay tribute to customers who are currently serving in the military. This is a great support to honor them on this special occasion. Annually, BUY-RITE BEAUTY offers the best deals and discounts on many different products so that military buyers can purchase more of their favorite stables, but still save more thanks to BUY-RITE BEAUTY Military Discount. Visit CouponUpto right away to access more discount details and terms to get more limited deals!

This titanium dryer is a favorite among stylists because of its great price point (just under $50) and easily adjustable temperature controls. Plus, weighing in at a pound total, the hair dryer is extremely lightweight.

Mike Renzulli, a former Philadelphia pharmacist, is employed at Alberto-Culver as a brand manager. Leonard Lavin asks Renzulli to move to New Orleans to head up Sally Beauty, a small cash-and-carry beauty supply store.

Sally Beauty Supply enters its first International venture through the acquisition of 30 Ogee beauty stores based in the U.K. At home, Sally celebrates the opening of its 500th store and more than $130 million in sales and moves into its new Support Center at 3900 Morse Street in Denton.

Sally Beauty Supply reaches 1,200 stores and launches "CelebHead", a national survey on best star hairstyles and consumer beauty trends. Sally Beauty Company acquires Bailey's Professional Beauty, adding sixteen stores to Beauty Systems Group and five stores to Sally Beauty Supply.

Sally Beauty Company breaks ground for a new 200,000-sq-ft Worldwide Support Center in Denton, Texas. Beauty Systems Group expands into the Western U.S. with the acquisition of West Coast Beauty Supply, a full-service distributor of professional beauty products with 123 stores.

In May 2008, Sally Beauty Holdings acquired Pro-Duo, a European distributor of professional beauty products. Pro-Duo is based in Belgium and as of the acquisition date, operated 40 stores in Belgium, France, and Spain. This acquisition provided the Sally Beauty Supply business an important geographic foothold throughout key areas of Continental Europe.

Also in 2009, Beauty Systems Group (BSG) acquired Schoeneman Beauty Supply, Inc., a leading full-service distributor of professional beauty products. At the time of the acquisition, the Company owned 43 professional-only beauty supply stores located in Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware and West Virginia.

Sally Beauty Holdings opened its 4,000th store in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 19, 2010. The Company is now located in 11 countries around the world with annual revenue of $2.6 billion. In October 2010, Beauty Systems Group acquired Aerial Company, Inc., a leading distributor in the professional beauty products industry with 82 stores and 70 direct sales consultants in the Midwest region of the U.S.

In November 2011, Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. acquired Netherland based Kappersservice Floral B.V. and two related companies, Hair Zone B.V. and Exphair B.V. (the "Floral Group"). The Floral Group is headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands and operates three concepts in the beauty industry that serve the professional and retail consumer.

Belgium based Pro-Duo celebrates its 10th anniversary. Pro-Duo is Europe's largest wholesale distributor of professional hair and beauty products with shops and catalogue sales in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

I Trade Beauty specializes in discount hair products, styling tools, and accessories. They also offer a selection of salon furniture as well as other beauty items, like skincare, nail care, and fragrances.

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