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For over 10 years my passion has been partnering with individuals from all walks of life to help them break through and overcome what might have been a challenge. I bring over 10 years of experience working on issues of cross-culture skills, personal finance trauma informed care and faith leadership- working with community groups, churches, foundations, nonprofits and government agencies.

I’ve been honored to assist 100s of individuals and businesses transform their lives through facilitation, personal coaching, group coaching, workshops and events.

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We Are in This Together

Since the beginning, my passion has been to build communities and friendships. I genuinely believe that there is power and value when you hear and see the actual stories of people all around the world applying the principles you've learned.


There is no way you wouldn’t form the strength to implement, the courage to keep going when life gets hard, and the accountability to keep fighting to the end. My invitation is simple:



Rd. W.

Patient Specialist

Rd. W.

Yetu was able to help me reflect and help me be in control of my thoughts and feelings. I had a great time with her. I appreciate all her help. I am still working on myself but after meeting with her, I was able to go in the right direction. She is awesome!

Charlton Jordan

Outpatient Counselor

Charlton Jordan

Yetu's coaching approach was a great fit. I really did like her questions and direction of questioning. Seemed very positive and engaging. I was challenged and able to reflex and got solutions for my problem I had at that time.

Pastor Ibrahim from Uganda


Pastor Ibrahim from Uganda

My staff of 10 and I were able to participate in biblical leadership training with Yetu. She is God sent. What we learned from the training has impacted our church, families and ministries. Our church saw an increase in membership and leadership for up to 30 percent. I highly recommend her discipleship program.

Victoria B

Mental Health Clinician

Victoria B

Yetu has been amazing with the 3 coaching sessions we had. I enjoyed her line of questioning. They were very thought provoking and caused me to think of action plans to implement for my life in regard to my health, prioritizing myself, and finding more of a life balance.

Bernice P

Massage Therapist

Bernice P

It never matters what I bring to Yetu. Her ability to listen and to ask the right questions always creates a safe space that helps me to process what I need to do, uninterrupted. My time spent with her always feels so efficient. She is a true professional.


Let’s Engage!

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