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Download Amadeus (1984) in 1080p Blu-ray Quality - The Ultimate Music Drama

the film features an ensemble cast that includes tom hulce, peter o'toole, charles durning, anjelica huston, helen mirren, john gielgud, sean connery and donald pleasence. directed by milos forman, amadeus was nominated for six academy awards, including best picture, best director and best actor. it won for best actor in a supporting role, for peter o'toole, and for best adapted screenplay. it was also nominated for best original screenplay.

Amadeus 1080p Blu-ray Movie Download


i have not seen this film in years, even though i love mozart, but i can not tell you how much i enjoyed watching it last night. it is a wonderful film. i wish i had gotten it a little sooner before it was released on blu-ray. it was a joy to finally watch it again.

this is one of the best movies ever made. i have always been a fan of mozart and this is probably his best film. you must see it. there are so many things that are interesting about this film. i highly recommend seeing it.

the directors cut is a remake and not a re-edit. the original director, michael radford, is credited for a few of the cut scenes, but not credited for the whole of it. there are new scenes that were added, and there are scenes that were cut from the original cut. the new scenes are quite a bit shorter, which is the result of cutting out new scenes and adding new scenes. there are also new scenes that have been spliced in between existing scenes, which is a result of adding footage from the original cut. in other words, it is a remake with a lot of new footage that has been added. there isnt a new version of amadeus that is a re-edit of the original cut. you can tell if you watch the new version.


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