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In 2004, Safi Thomas founded the Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory (HHDC) in New York City.[65] Thomas' goal was to provide a comprehensive education to hip-hop dancers that was comparable to what ballet, modern, and jazz dancers experience at their respective institutions.[182] HHDC provides a formal curriculum with dance classes (breaking, freestyle, locking, etc.) and academic classes (dance theory, physiology, kinesiology, etc.) to people who want to pursue hip-hop dance as a career.[65][183] It is the only educational institution in the United States that is exclusively dedicated to hip-hop dance instruction.[183] HHDC does not grant degrees. It is a non-profit organization and repertory company that grants certifications to dancers that complete the three-year program.[65]

Free Download ABCD - Any Body Can Dance - 3 4 In H player animator inst


An anti-air is an attack done from the ground serving the purpose of attacking an opponent who is jumping in the air. Moves of this kind generally enjoy high priority or are upper-body invincible. These can either be a special move (typically a DP style of rising move) or a command normal designed to hit jumping opponents, such as a crouching heavy attack in many games or the more famous uppercuts in the Mortal Kombat & Injustice series. In certain games, landing these moves against a jumping opponent can allow players to convert into a full combo, earning more damage & ergo discouraging the opponent from continuing to jump.

Also, to allow the player to activate MAX Mode dynamically, there is a feature called the Quick MAX Mode Activation, performed by pressing BC when one of their attacks hits or is blocked. Quick MAX Mode activation costs 2 levels to use. Quick MAX Activate offers the advantage of canceling instantaneously the animation of any Normal or Command attack, and eliminates its own MAX Mode startup animation. When the current attack is canceled, the player can immediately attack their opponent after pressing BC, having the absolute freedom of continuing movements and taking any action desired, from running forward to continue the combo, to jumping, to evading, etc.


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