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Supreme Commander 2 Map Pack

Good news! We've been given an opportunity to sit down withXCOM's lead designer next week for a Q&A session about theupcoming expansion pack, XCOM: Enemy Within. That said, we'd loveto get some questions from you, the XCOM Wiki community. You guysknow the game better than anyone, and we'd love to field somequestions for you.

supreme commander 2 map pack


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a brand new installment in the XCOMseries. The game, set on modern-day Earth, deals with theinternational response to a global alien invasion. The playerassumes the role of the commander of the top secret XCOM Project,the most elite military and scientific organization in the historyof mankind, activated to engage in a seemingly hopeless war againstan unknown extraterrestrial enemy with overwhelming technologicalsuperiority.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an upcoming real-time strategy, turn-basedtactic/roleplaying game developed by Firaxis Games and published by2K Games. Earth is bombarded with an organized onslaught of aglobal alien invasion. You are the main commander of the XCOMProject: the most elite military and scientific organization theworld has ever seen. You must engage an enemy of immense strengthand technological superiority.

Only after Gauge levels the entire city with nuclear weapons does Thalia realize her mistake in unwittingly aiding Gauge's plans to find what he calls 'Shiva Prime.' On top of that, the Cybran convoy was actually on a humanitarian mission and the prisoners she freed were actually Royal Guardian commanders. The siblings learns of Maddox's defense of New Cathedral from Gauge and accompany him in his attack on the Coalition center of Quantum Science and Technology, hoping to send a message to the Illuminate government.


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