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T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar

T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar

T Square is a Japanese jazz fusion band that was formed in 1978. They are known for their instrumental music, especially their signature song "Truth", which was composed by keyboardist Hirotaka Izumi and saxophonist Takeshi Itoh. "Truth" has been used as the theme song for various sports programs and events, such as the Formula One Grand Prix and the Japan Open Tennis Championships.

In 2006, T Square celebrated their 20th anniversary of "Truth" by releasing a compilation album titled "Truth 20th Anniversary". The album features 14 different versions of "Truth" performed by various artists, including T Square themselves, Evolution-K, Casiopea, Jimsaku, Dimension, and more. The album also includes a DVD with a documentary and live performances of "Truth".


One of the most popular versions of "Truth" on the album is the "20th Anniversary Version" by Evolution-K, which is a collaboration between T Square and former members of Casiopea. This version features a powerful arrangement with electric guitars, keyboards, saxophone, and drums. It also incorporates elements from other T Square songs, such as "Omens of Love" and "Takarajima". The "20th Anniversary Version" of "Truth" was also used as the background music for a promotional video of the Honda RA107 Formula One car in 2007.

If you are a fan of T Square and jazz fusion music, you might be interested in downloading the "T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar" file, which contains the full album in MP3 format. You can find the link to the file on SoundCloud, where you can also listen to a sample of the album. The file size is about 180 MB and it requires a password to extract. The password is "tsquaretruth".

We hope you enjoy listening to the different versions of "Truth" and appreciate the musical legacy of T Square.


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