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We Are in This Together

Since the beginning, my passion has been to build communities and friendships. I genuinely believe that there is power and value when you hear and see the actual stories of people all around the world applying the principles you've learned. There is no way you wouldn’t form the strength to implement, the courage to keep going when life gets hard, and the accountability to keep fighting to the end.

You will get instant access to:

  1. A private community:

    • You can share your journey and learn from others who are breaking through in areas of Cross-Cultural Change, Faith, Finance, and Relationships!

    • Additionally, you get the confidence that you’re not alone on this journey from others who are doing their best just like you to implement one concept and learn one new habit at a time.

  2. Meet a community member near you:

    • What’s better than having someone with whom you share the same journey within your neighborhood?

  3. Suggest learning topics and guest:

    • I will use your input to craft future podcast episodes or series.

  4. Early access to upcoming live events and program.


Become an official I Am Messenger member!

Become an official Breaking Barriers member!


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