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VOCALOID is a singing application developed by Yamaha. A version called "Vocaloid-flex" was used in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It is used for recording lines to be pre-set into Metal Gear ZEKE's AI. It's currently known that a special version called Vocaloid-flex was used in the game's production. It was left out of the HD Edition of Peace Walker, presumably due to copyrights. Netvocaloid was discontinued on April 28, 2012, with the function on Peace Walker ending at the same time.


Select multiple vocaloid parts and right click.Select combine vocaloid parts from the displayed menu.Now the various parts become 1, making it easier to edit and apply similar settings across the board.

Sing on key with YamahaThis December Yamaha is finally releasing to the public something that vocaloid fans have been waiting for: the Vocaloid Keyboard. Designed as a keytar, the Vocaloid Keyboard allows musicians to play singing voices, including that of the turquoise-haired character Hatsune ... 041b061a72


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