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Ibong Adarna Comics Full Story Tagalog Version

Ibong Adarna is a famous Philippine epic that tells the story of three princes who went on a quest to capture the mythical bird called Adarna. The bird has the power to heal any sickness with its song, but it can also turn anyone who listens to it into stone. The story is full of adventure, romance, magic, and betrayal. It is one of the most popular and beloved stories in Philippine literature.

There are many versions of the Ibong Adarna story, but one of the most accessible and entertaining ones is the comic book version. Comics are a great way to enjoy the story, especially for young readers who may find the original text too difficult or boring. Comics can also enhance the story with colorful illustrations, expressive characters, and dynamic scenes. Comics can make the story come alive and capture the imagination of the readers.

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One of the best comic book versions of Ibong Adarna is the one published by C&E Publishing, Inc. in 2011. This comic book is part of the Alamat ng Pilipino Series 2, which features various Philippine legends and folktales. The comic book is written in Tagalog, which is the national language of the Philippines. It is also faithful to the original story, but with some modifications and simplifications to make it more suitable for children and young adults.

The comic book version of Ibong Adarna follows the main plot of the epic, but it also adds some details and twists to make it more interesting and engaging. For example, it gives more personality and background to some of the characters, such as Don Juan's love interest Princess Leonora, and Don Juan's rival Prince Rodrigo. It also introduces some new characters, such as a talking eagle who helps Don Juan in his journey, and a giant snake who guards the Adarna bird. It also changes some of the events and outcomes of the story, such as how Don Juan defeats the giant who kidnapped Princess Leonora, and how Don Juan escapes from his brothers' trap.

The comic book version of Ibong Adarna also has a lot of humor and action that make it more fun and exciting to read. The comic book uses witty dialogue, funny expressions, and hilarious situations to make the readers laugh and enjoy the story. It also has a lot of action-packed scenes, such as fights, chases, escapes, and battles that make the readers feel the thrill and suspense of the story. The comic book also uses vibrant colors, detailed drawings, and creative layouts to make the story more visually appealing and attractive.

The comic book version of Ibong Adarna is a great way to experience and appreciate this classic Philippine epic. It is a comic book that can entertain and educate readers of all ages. It is a comic book that can inspire and enrich readers with its values and lessons. It is a comic book that can showcase and celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the Philippines.

If you want to read the full story of Ibong Adarna in comic book form, you can buy or borrow a copy from National Book Store, or you can download it for free from You can also read a summary of Ibong Adarna in Tagalog from Enjoy reading this amazing story!


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