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[S11E6] We're Going To Trade You For Food Now

The herd is destroyed by the Reapers' hwacha, but Maggie's group escapes and enters into a dangerous cat and mouse game with the Reapers, killing several. The group captures Carver whom Daryl offers to trade for Leah and the others leaving peacefully. After Gabriel kills their sniper, Leah takes the deal. However, a vengeful Maggie kills all of the remaining Reapers in cold blood aside from Leah, who Daryl allows to escape. Maggie returns for Alden, only to discover that he has died and reanimated. Recognizing that Maggie will never let go of her hatred for him, Negan departs on his own. The surviving members of Maggie's team return to Alexandria, which managed to survive the events of the storm, with the food. Daryl is finally reunited with Connie, and Eugene arrives with Lance Hornsby and the Commonwealth. Six months later, Maggie is leading a community in the ruins of the Hilltop and has a stand-off with Commonwealth soldiers led by Daryl.

[S11E6] We're Going to Trade You for Food Now




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