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Open Office Windows 8 Nederlands Download ((FREE))

You are encouraged to subscribe to the Apache OpenOffice announcement mailing list to receive important notifications such as product updates and security patches. To subscribe you can send an email to:

Open Office Windows 8 Nederlands Download

Download File:

It can be downloaded from here: -woordenlijst-v-2-10g-voor-openoffice-org-3After checking the "Ik ga akkoord" box (to agree with the license) the download button will be active. Just open the downloaded file in OpenOffice.

Versie 4.1.13 van OpenOffice is uitgekomen. Dit opensource-officepakket is in 1984 begonnen als StarOffice. In 1999 is het in handen van Sun Microsystems gekomen en vervolgens is het in 2010 bij Oracle terechtgekomen. Nadat een aantal ontwikkelaars uit onvrede over hoe Oracle dit project aanstuurde naar LibreOffice is overgestapt, is uiteindelijk de broncode aan de Apache Software Foundation gedoneerd. OpenOffice wordt geleverd met een tekstverwerker (Writer), een spreadsheetprogramma (Calc), een presentatieprogramma (Impress), een tekenprogramma (Draw), een databaseprogramma (Base) en een programma om wetenschappelijke notaties te maken (Formula). De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

However, when the program crashes or meets an error, you may happen to lose a document within a few seconds. Thus, you may look for ways to recover unsaved open office document on the internet. But here is a piece of good news for you. To protect the users from any kind of data loss due to any error, OpenOffice saves the copies of the files or documents that were opened on it.

Trio Office is a free office suite offered by GT Doc Studio. Although MS Office is still the undisputed champion when it comes to office suites, its exorbitant prices have, unsurprisingly, caused a lot of users to look for worthy alternatives. Trio Office is one such office suite alternative. It is comprised of three separate programs: Word Editor, Slide Show, and Spread Sheet. With just one download and installation process, users will have three of the most important productivity tools necessary in any office. All of the programs in Trio Office also have a simple, intuitive interfaces that makes using them so much easier.

Apache OpenOffice is a free office software that includes an entire suite of productivity tools. While Open Office was originally called StarOffice, the service was renamed to Apache OpenOffice after Oracle gave the software code to the Apache Software Foundation. The Apache OpenOffice download is available for Apple Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems.


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