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Soggyware: 80 Games

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Soggyware: 80 Games


Both of those would draw Johnny's dad into Dixons to buy this pleasant-looking new computer from the man who made your stereo. The keen price - 299 all in for a computer, colour monitor, tape deck and 12 games - clinched the sale. Little Johnny henceforth embarked on a stiff Mastertronic habit that meant his entire weekly pocket money was spent on one game and a chewy cola bottle. And that's why the CPC succeeded.

That's why the CPC was launched with a couple of decent games, word-processors, databases and the like. The programmers didn't have to discover every intricacy of the CPC's hardware before they could start coding. Instead, they just got the firmware to do all the work. For example, that's why most serious software and many games retain the same, elegant font that greets you when you switch on the CPC - because it's built into the firmware.

The operating system took up 16k of memory - one ROM chip. BASIC took up another 16k chip. AMSDOS takes up 8k (the spare memory in its chip is taken up either by CP/M, Logo or by ParaDOS). So we have 40k of firmware in total: as big as most games, and a lot bigger than the 16k of Protext.

The firmware isn't a universal panacea. By and large, it's not suitable for fast-moving action, which means arcade games or demos, though can be implemented into simple Text Orientated games from Assembly. But it's a robust, bug-free piece of programming that was a key factor in the CPC's progress. 041b061a72


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