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For over 20 years my passion has been partnering with individual from all walks of life to help them Breakthrough and overcome what might have been a challenge. I bring over 10 years of experience working on issues of cross-culture skill, trauma inform care and faith leadership—working with community groups, churches, foundations, nonprofit and government agencies.

I’ve been honored to assist 100s of individuals and business transform their lives and business through facilitation, personal coaching, group coaching, workshops and events.


When I am not changing the world, I volunteer with numerous philanthropic and community-based organization. I currently serve on the board of The Shadow Project forwarding education equity for children who learn differently. I additionally, serve as a chair on the Traditional Health Workers Commission as a commissioner chair, advancing health equity.


I am a small-town girl with a big dream- to help others breakthrough and pursue their God giving destiny.

Many years ago, half of my family and I moved to The United State of America as refugees. Wow! it’s been almost 20 years since. Transitioning into a new life was not the easiest thing.

Not only because of the trauma we had to endure before moving to the States but also the challenges we face as a new person in a new world.

I was able to graduate with honor from high school and enroll into bible college.


I was so excited to be part and around the next generation of faith leaders. But even there had its own challenges. I was told by one of my teacher that I will not be a great teacher in America because my accent was too thick, she said “it would make since for you to go on as one of those missionaries in another country to serve”. Without trying to, I proved her wrong and I did while keeping my very thick and cute accent.

I believe that everyone of us are on this earth to solve a problem. God and only him has equipped you for exactly what he planned for you. No one else can be the author of your destiny except your creator.

I remember, during my college days and even to this day faith leader will leave the ministry because of reasons that could be avoided. Some of them due to scandals and other due to burnout and other reasons.

I always thought to myself. Why and how can I do my part to making a difference in the life of faith leaders? How can I do my part in equipping the saint? I am glad you ask; give me a call, and I will tell you how.    

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